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Film and Media Specialist specialization

Formerly: Film and media studies BA

Unlike other programs, the three-year Film and Media Specialist Program at METU, offers an introduction to this art form in the full range of the profession, including experiences in its various challenges, from one-camera interview shootings to multi-camera studio recordings.

The program offers practical experience in making short films, television scenes and documentaries, as well as practice in the work of a screenwriter, director, assistant, lighting technician, sound engineer, and editor. These various practical opportunities help our students in their future careers as professional, confident filmmakers, and takes place where movies.

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“We live in the line of the rapid fire of moving images. They are raining down on us from every possible place: movie and television screens, computer monitors, mobile displays, presentations and advertisements... They entertain, inform and control us. But who is going to invent, design, edit and record the images of the future in a creative, smart and artistic way? This might be just you. And this is what you learn to do at the Film and Media Studies program.”
András Kepes DLA, habil. University Professor, Táncsics Mihály Award and Prima, Pulitzer Prize-winning Writer, Television Production Expert, Chairman of the Council of Arts

“They say: “Success is a choice and it’s yours to make.” Are you one of these people to think like that? Then we have something in common.  As a current student at Budapest Metropolitan University, I was clearly taught that the course you choose isn't what you study, it’s what you live. Here I have the chance to build a balance between my academic and social life and I have met so many nice people in the international community.Whether if they’re locals or from the parts of the world that you didn't even hear before, you’ll always be cheerful to meet these people. Apart from liking the fact that teachers would feel like your tutors during the classes and your friends afterwards the school, it makes sense of calling this atmosphere a family. Being a student here has given me the opportunity to equip myself with all the necessary skills and knowledge to further my career anywhere in the world. I thought I was only going to be a university student abroad as I enrolled to Metropolitan, but now I see I became an individual who delightedly calls this place, home.”
Vedat Direk student of our Film and Media Studies BA program from Cyprus

THE PROGRAM IS DESIGNED FOR YOU... if you are interested in visual communication and various film genres, if you have mature visual intelligence and good cooperating and communication skills.


  • Film and Media Production Specialist at institutes specialized in mass communication and media
  • Organizer in program production
  • Film and Media Specialist working for professional with a degree in arts
  • Film and Media Specialist working for Advertising and PR experts
  • in the field of analogue and digital post production
  • in editorial offices


CORE SUBJECTS:  Film Theory, History of Motion Pictures, Motion Picture Technologies, Practical Motion Picture Arts, Motion Picture Practice

HEAD OF THE SPECIALIZATION Diana Groó DLA film director, screenwriter

PARTNERS: ATV, Átrium Film & Theatre, MAFILM, Hungarian Film Laboratory, Hungarian National Digital Acrhive and Film Institute, (MANDA), Origo Film Studio, Pesti Magyar Theatre, Schwindl Kft., Ufa Hungary, Visionteam L.O. Filmtechnical Service Ltd.

DURATION: 6 semesters

LANGUAGE OF INSTRUCTION: Hungarian and English