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Practical information

Why Hungary?

Because Hungary welcomes everyone! It has always been this way, and always will. Hungarians delight in having guests in their country, and that includes you! The mix of young and old, foreigner and local is what moves Hungary forward. Discover for yourself why being part of it is so special!

The plains, the mountains, or the waters and baths? Hungary has a diversely beautiful landscape. The thousand-year-old cultural heritage or the latest designer art clothes? Here you can check out both! Classical and modern can be experienced in music, architecture, cuisine, or entertainment. And that's not all! Thanks to the mixture of genes, knowledge and education, Hungary has brought such academic talents to the world as John von Neumann (computer science), László Bíró (ballpoint pen), Dennis Gabor (holography), and Ernő Rubik (Rubik’s cube).

Hungary. There's something for everyone, so come and see what there is for you!




Why Budapest?

A strong black espresso or a white chocolate coffee with cinnamon, or perhaps even a crème caramel macchiato? Something sweet and hot, strong but mild at the same time, something you want to remember, though it's quite hard to define. This could be Budapest if it were a coffee. It leaves everyone with a different impression. 

With its diversity you can find a place for culture, fun, history, education, or relaxation. And as a sparkling UniverCity, it’s full of students from all around the world, with a constantly sizzling nightlife.

The city stretches along both sides of the Danube, representing the many faces of the Hungarian capital. There's the historic Buda side, with its castle district, Turkish baths, Roman ruins, medieval alleys, caves and countless green areas spread out among the hills. On the other side, it’s Pest with its ever changing promenades, stores, restaurants, bars and bubbling cultural life.

Come and a have a sip for yourself! So what does Budapest taste like to you?
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