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The film of our student in the Short Film Corner

WireLess, diploma work of our Bachelor BA student, Szandra Pataki  was invited to the Short Film Corner of the 70th Cannes Film Festival. This market forum, operating at one of the most prestigious film festivals in the world, gives an outstanding opportunity for young film makers to introduce themselves and their new short films.

The video library can be visited during the event and it offers more than 2400 short films from 100 countries. Almost 20000 viewers are already registered to watch these works.


Sandra’s work is a 7-minute stop motion animation, which takes place in a world built up of wires. In this world, nobody can be left out of the various forces on one another.


Further staff who worked on the film: Klára Muhi (dramaturge), Sándor Nemes (cameraman), Péter Tornyai (composer), Borbála Mészáros, Szandra Pataki (editors), Noémi Márton, Krisztina Kubinyi, Zsuzsi Rádóczy, Borbála Rádóczy, Zsanett Mess, Dániel Papp (animators), Krisztina Holló-Leleszi (producer).

Advisor of the film: Aron Gauder

The support won at the Attila Dargay tender of the Hungarian Media Patronage also helped in the production of the film.   

Our short interview with Szandra


What does this success mean to you?
It’s really important to me. If the Wireless is considered to be worthy for such an important event, it reassures me that the field of animation is really meant for me. If was incredibly happy when I got the news.

What are you working on at the moment?
I’m working as a 3D animator at a firm (Gyár Utómunka Kft), however I am already working on a new plan with two of my artist friends, Zsuzsa Kemény and Péter Gazdik. This new project is also going to be made by stop motion technique, but this time both the visuals and the content are going to be much more complex. I’m already really excited about it.

What are your future plans?
I’m always planning well ahead, so I can be prepare for anything, but I really try to be more open for sudden changes too. I’d love to continue teaching at METU and working on my own projects. And we’ll see about the else, let it be a surprise J

What is your message for current students, those who are just starting their career or those who are interested in animation?
Well, first of all, never give up! The path to finding your own technique, position or style can be long and tricky. I actually think it’s possible to do a quality job even if you are only interested in money without giving a thought about it. However, doing something well on the long term is possible only if you do it wholeheartedly



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