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Institute of Communication Studies

The Institute of Media Studies could rank as the biggest institute at the University with about 75-80 staff members each term. It may come as no surprise that our key objective is to research and present the world of the contemporary media which seems to be growing increasingly fragmented in many respects. The same holds true for our selection of courses and research topics, but we also take great pride in our first-class journalist training. A Center for Journalism headed by Dr. István Javorniczky operates within the Institute, which in turn has been part of the Faculty of Communication and Arts led by Prof. Dr. András Kepes, Chair, Art Council, since January 2010.

We cannot perceive the research and teaching of contemporary media-related issues without examining and interpreting their context, i.e. the wider social and cultural environment. Our syllabi have been developed with these considerations in mind aiming at creating a great deal of choice that allows students to select mandatory, alternative and elective courses that best suit their individual interests and goals.

Our staff members are all distinguished experts, many of them with decades of excellence in their respective professional and research careers, while other colleagues with a more theory-oriented approach may boast their relevant academic degrees and papers published in academic journals.

Our facilities include a well-equipped television and radio studio, but we also assist the foreign studies and experiences of our student community through our extensive international network.

CF005453_resized.jpgHead of Institute:
Dr. András Murai PhD