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President's letter
An artist's tasks have never been so exciting and complex as they are today today.  New tools, materials and interfaces are emerging, while we are witnessing a radical change in technology, the economy, the way of thinking and human relationships. These developments pose heretofore unknown challenges for the arts as well with the traditional, rigid separation of disappearing individual art forms and the new genres. It is this backdrop that calls for the rethinking of modern Art education.

Our Faculty of Communication and Arts has been founded in this spirit. Starting from scratch, there was no need to change an old fashioned educational structure or replace out-of-date technology. Indeed, we are very lucky being able to provide education of an international standard using state-of-the-art technology in a number of fields of art whose unique way of cooperation is unprecedented in Hungarian higher education. We are truly international as commissions and markets are all international in today’s world tenders.

Thus, being competitive means the ability to succeed in the world out there. Our faculty members are recruited among the top-ranking active professionals in the country, most of them simultaneously being internationally renowned artists. They are the guarantee for a novel, up-to-date education and learning environment. Our teaching staff offers a solid grounding in art education developed and based on our decades-long professional experience. Nevertheless, the constantly, and rapidly, changing world expects solutions to new challenges arising also from present and future students. One of them might be just you!

Prof. Dr. András Kepes
Chair, Art Council